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Keep On Truckin’

I’ve had an eventful running week. In the last 14 days, I have managed 67 miles. I have not missed a day in 2 weeks. I’m praying that this doesn’t lead to injury since my typical running week is only 4 or 5 times a week. I have been limiting myself to a maximum of 2 miles of running on my typical off days, and I really like the way this streak feels. Each run gets a little easier. A…

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Komen 3-day Walk

As a runner, I can really appreciate the thought of walking 60 long miles. Not only walking that far, but giving up 3 days and camping out and walking in order to benefit a great cause. Unfortunately the Susan G. Komen 3-day Walk is just not in the cards for me due to my half-marathon training and my heavy fall art show schedule, but I have so many friends walking this year and wanted to give them a little shout…

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Running Clothes

You know, there’s this theory that runners always dress like runners. And at first, I begged to differ from that comment… wearing running gear just for my runs, and almost immediately showering and getting into something a bit more fashionable (though I am, admittedly, not the most fashionably aware person). But the more I run, the more that statement rings true. I find myself suiting up in my running gear in the morning, even on days I know I won’t…

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It is really hard to go get on this: When you find this camped out on your couch:So yeah, my run will have to wait until this evening, cause I cuddled up right next to those cuties, and I think I even closed my eyes for about 30 minutes this morning, when I should’ve been getting my training run in.

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I Needed That

My husband has been out of town, and I have been stuck on the dreadmill… mile after mile. It has really been wearing on my motivation. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your point-of-view), my husband got sick yesterday which meant for once it was ok to put the kids down for a nap and go get some fresh air. It is the first I had really ran since I had been sick, and I managed to struggle through 3 miles….

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Why Do We Eat Out?

It just doesn’t make sense to me why we like to eat out so much. In 20 minutes I can put something nutritious on the table. Its cheaper (tonight’s dinner ran about $6 for my family of 5). Its less stress (despite having to cook, I don’t have to worry about my kids having to keep the volume to a low roar in a restaurant). And its way quicker (20 minutes vs. heading out waiting for a table, ordering, waiting,…

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Random Ramblings

Well it turns out my lack of endurance was justified… that night, I registered a temp of 103. I’m still recovered, but will hopefully be back to the gym by Wednesday. Today I got joy from one of the smaller things – watching Lily feed Paige Fun Dip… dipping it into the sugar and letting Paige lick it off. So sweet. I don’t think you’d catch me sharing candy!!! Looking forward to my continued Olympic addiction tonight… and a 2nd…

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Exercise Forgiveness

UGH – right now I want to change this to BLOG forgiveness, because as I finished the last line of this post, it went batty, and all was lost… so let’s try this again. This year, I set a goal of running 1000 miles. That’s a pretty hefty goal for me, and even in the first 6 weeks, I’ve realized I have to make some modifications. First, I need to allow those miles to include walking. Not because I intend…

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Running Gadgets

One of the fun things about a new passion, is all the new goodies you get to look for and try out. I’ve been back into running for about 18 months now… long enough to know this is now a passion… something I have to do. Not just a passing exercise fad to slim up a little (which, for what its worth, hasn’t slimmed me up at all). So I figure its time to try out some new gadgets. I…

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