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Returning to Ultra!

I keep saying that I’m going to start blogging again. If for nothing else, for the collection of memories. But I’ve procrastinated and procrastinated… but I’m feeling a bit renewed after my last race, so here I am!  (Prepare for a long one!) A little backstory since I’ve been off the blog scene for a bit… on September 13, 2014, I attempted and failed at running 100 miles for the second time (the picture to the right pretty much sums…

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It’s Easy for You!

I hear it all the time, “Oh that should be easy for you!”  It’s true that at this point, I have run 29 half marathons, 10 full marathons, 1 50K, and 2 50-milers, in addition to countless shorter races.  But I am here to tell you, it’s not easy.  My path to get here wasn’t easy.  And each and every run takes work. The only huge difference between then and now is the mental advantage of knowing what I’m capable…

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How to Ruin a Comeback

I’m no journalist and this is no “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, but as this post came together in my head, I realized that it was much easier to express the “don’t”s than the “do”s in this scenario. How many of us have been injured?  Or maybe had shifting priorities that took us away from running?  Or maybe just a complete lack of running that led to a long break? You remember that, once upon a time,…

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First Marathons

There is little that evokes a feeling in me similar to when someone registers, trains, then achieves the finish line of their first marathon.  I don’t know what it is about that distance that makes it emotional for me.  Distance running is getting more and more popular.  And I think the half marathon is still the most popular distance.  It is far enough that it definitely tests your capability.  Far enough that it requires training.  But also a distance that…

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Still Around…

I know… I said I was back and then I disappeared again.  I promise this time it wasn’t completely by choice.  First, I took a small break after Rocky Raccoon to recover.  Recovery was a bit tougher this time as I managed to roll my ankle which locked it up and resulted in my later spraining my knee.  Awesome.  In my attempt to be a good coach and to follow the advice I would give my runners, as well as…

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Rocky Raccoon 50 – Highlights

This past Saturday, I headed down to Huntsville, Texas with one of my favorite friends, Libby, for my second 50-miler.  (Hint:  Click on Libby’s blog cause she also posted about some of our ridiculous moments out on the course.) (Me, The Cookies, Libby) *Side Note: I know I was gone awhile, so I should say that technically this was my third attempt at 50 miles… I made an attempt in October at Palo Duro Canyon, Texas… but when mid-day heat…

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The Weekends!

My life has been become all about the weekends.  Where the kids are.  Whether I’m working a race expo or not.  Whether I’m running a race.  This past weekend was one of the rare weekends that I had my kids and had no race…  but the plan was to head to Austin to celebrate my Aunt Lillie’s 60th Birthday. Of course I can’t go to Austin without stopping in to hang with two of my favorite people, Tricia and Steph….

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Did You Miss Me?

Well I’ve miss you all!  I love getting feedback and reading about other people’s experiences, and I’ve truly missed it.  I guess that’s how you know it’s time.  That and I’ve finally got my ducks back in a row. It is fitting that I get back to blogging now, 9 days prior to Rocky Raccoon 50-miler.  My blogging fell off quite a bit after RR last year.  I finally picked it back up, but then soon after that, things went…

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Catching Up

So, I’m one of those people that gets behind, then gets overwhelmed, and instead of catching up, I just abandon ship.  I owe so many posts and race recaps, but I’m gonna give a quick rundown and expand when time allows so I can feel free to post again without worrying about what I missed!!! –Texas Independence Relay (March 31-April 1).  It was a phenomenal experience with 10 awesome ladies.  I ended up running 5 legs in addition to the…

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Sometimes You Just Need Dirt

For me, trail dirt is therapeutic.  With the recent leg issues, I had told Coach Adam that if I wasn’t on the trails by the weekend, I’d be upset.  On Friday, I texted my good friend, Emily, to ask if she wanted to meet me at the trails.  Her response “NOW???”.  He he he.  Nothing like last minute planning, right?  But she *did* say that she’d be willing to meet me Saturday morning.  SOLD.  Run pushed to Saturday morning.  It…

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